Hate Crimes

What is a hate crime? How do such crimes differ from other violent political acts? Who are the perpetrators of hate crimes in Israel?What are the motives underlyingthis form of criminal action?What are the effective responses to hate crime?

After a recent spate of hate crimes in Israel, this project—undertaken in collaboration with the 
International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)—is designed to inform the public policy debate on hate crime in Israel by examining the phenomenon from a conceptual and empirical perspective. Specifically, the research aims (1) to explore the political and academic debates over the meaning of the term 'hate-crime', (2) to provide an overview of the different types of criminal acts that fall into this category (physical and verbal violence, so-called ‘price tag’vandalism, harassment, etc.), and (3) to assess the conditions under which hate crimes pose threats to Israeli society.