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I am an Associate Professor at ​the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Reichman University (IDC - Herzliya), Israel. My work focuses on the processes underpinning right-wing extremism and political violence, with a particular emphasis on Israel. Using quantitative methods along with large-N analysis, I aim to elucidate the socio-political motivations behind political extremism and the conditions under which political extremism poses threats to democracies. I also examine ways in which the effects of these processes might be moderated in order to encourage a less violent political dynamic.

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The Israeli settler movement plays a key role in Israeli politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict, yet very few empirical studies of the movement exist. This is the first in-depth examination of the contemporary Israeli settler movement from a structural (rather than purely historical or political) perspective

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Recent Publications

Ben-Shitrit, L., Elad-Strenger, J.*, & Hirsch-Hoefler, S. (2021). “Pinkwashing” the Radical-Right: Gender and the mainstreaming of radical-right policies and actions. European Journal of Political Research. view

Hirsch-Hoefler Sivan and Cas Mudde (2020). The Israeli Settler Movement: Assessing and Explaining Social Movement Success, Cambridge University Press. view

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