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Much of my research to date has focused on the mobilization and action strategies of the Israeli settler movement (ISM). I first pursued this research agenda in my Ph.D. dissertation and later during my postdoc fellowship at Cornell University. My current work (with Cas Mudde) goes beyond this research agenda to include social movement success. As part of this research agenda, we have conducted extensive fieldwork and survey research in the West Bank and Gaza, carrying out experimental surveys as well as in-depth interviews with the elite of the Israeli settler movement. 
The Israeli settler movement plays a key role in Israeli politics and the Arab-Israeli conflict, yet very few empirical studies of the movement exist. This is the first in-depth examination of the contemporary Israeli settler movement from a structural (rather than purely historical or political) perspective, and one of the few studies to focus on a longstanding, radical right-wing social movement in a non-western political context. A trailblazing systematic assessment of the role of the settler movement in Israeli politics writ large, as well as in relation to Israel's policy towards the West Bank, this book analyzes the movement both as a whole and as a combination of its parts (i.e. branches) - institutions, networks, and individuals. Whether you are a student, researcher, or policymaker, this book offers a comprehensive and original theoretical framework alongside a rich empirical analysis which illuminates social movements in general, and the Israeli settler movement in particular. 


The project received the support of the Israel Institute

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