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This ongoing project (with Julia Elad Strenger and Lihi Ben Shitrit), which received the support of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (2020-2021) and of the Israeli Science Foundation (grant no. 2623/21; 2021-2025), examines how women’s visibility in far-right movements and parties increases public support for far-right agendas, and explores the role of gender stereotypes in underlying these processes.

View related papers:
Ben-Shitrit, L., Elad-Strenger, J.*, & Hirsch-Hoefler, S. (2021). “Pinkwashing” the Radical-Right: Gender and the mainstreaming of radical-right policies and actions. European Journal of Political Research. view

Ben-Shitrit, L., Hirsch-Hoefler, S., & Elad-Strenger, J. (2021). Tunisia has its first-ever female prime minister. That’s not as good for democracy as it sounds. The Washington Post

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